The Human Condition

And So It Goes…

There’s a song that says ‘I thought I knew what love was… what did I know?’ (Two points to anyone who can name the song and artist without the aid of the all-powerful internet)

There are as many theories and assertions as to the nature of love, positive or negative, as there are grains of sand on any given beach. Maybe they’re all right, and all wrong. My opinion on that changes moment to moment, kind of like my desire to cut my hair off. I don’t think there’s much about love that is certain, but I think I’ve figured out a few things to ponder, anyway. Maybe they’ll ring true… or maybe I should go back to making snarky remarks about the asshat in the truck that cut me off on my way to the post office.

Love avoids injury. Not because it HAS to, not out of a resented obligation or a sense of being controlled or restrained, but because it WANTS to. This doesn’t mean at the expense of one side’s well-being or at any cost, but simply that when it’s doable without inflicting undue damage on oneself, one tries to protect that which one loves.

Love comforts. If love sees pain, love wants to reassure, to communicate that love is, in fact, still there, still a haven. One doesn’t have to agree with the point of view of the hurting party to simply embrace them and say, ‘I am here to see this through WITH you.’ I’m coming off as too idealistic, aren’t I? Bear with me…

Love is accountable. When hurts aren’t avoided, whether on purpose or by accident, love takes responsibility for its actions and works to make amends. Love understands that it may take awhile to repair the damage, but that the process starts with ‘this is the wrong that I did’, and goes from there.

Love listens.

Love doesn’t leave you alone.

Love looks across the table and sees a partner, not an opponent. Love knows that winning isn’t everything, and sometimes isn’t a victory at all.

Love thinks ahead.

Well, just a few of my thoughts. It’s all subjective.

How ’bout that weather?

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