Pants on Fire

Windex has a marketing department full of LIARS. ‘Streak-free’ my ASS. I have a large glass curio cabinet (yeah, I know, I know… it’s not just for little old ladies, after all). Turns out that dust will find its way in, closed doors or not. I get out the Windex. Remove the various and sundry crap off the shelves (figurative crap, not literal crap… seriously, people?). I spray the Windex, wipe it off… it looks worse that before I started. I spray again, rub faster. Better, but… no. Spray… repeat. I am literally wearing out joints I didn’t even know I HAD, and cursing in languages that don’t even EXIST. But regardless of all that… STILL STREAKS. I could kick something.


The cat just fled the room in terror.

Smart cat.

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