The Spork Thing

So you’re new to the land of Nola and wondering about the spork thing.  Perfectly understandable.  I mean, understandable if you’re wondering why sporks… less understandable if you’re wondering  what a spork is.  Seriously?  Try Google.  Anyway.  Long ago, when I entered the chatroom (oh, those were the days) and blog universe(s), I kind of inadvertently developed a bit of a trademark thing for going after people, virtually speaking, with, well… sporks.  I mean, come on, now… as a weapon, it doesn’t get much better.  Who is going to see a spork coming?  Totally unexpected, right?  Ever see someone getting frisked for a SPORK?  How about arrested for concealed carry of a … spork?  It’s harmless, yet… prongy.  Pointy.  Stabby!  Yet passes all metal detectors and is even given out for free in many lower level eating establishments.  It’s a win-win, as such things go.  So as time went by, the spork thing worked itself into random mentions in various blog posts of mine (I am working on transferring 14 years of posts to this new WordPress blog… so bear with me), casual conversation, text messages… it just became a signature thing, inserted in all my various snark and wisdom.

So there  you have it.  The explanation of the spork thing.